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A company in the health sector


A company (present in the health sector and specializing in dietary rebalancing) has access to a lot of data about their customers and their stores, yet little information or decisions were derived from the analysis of these data.


The company asked datanalyze to perform the following tasks:

  • Descriptive analysis of stores, customers, buying habits and satisfaction (based on a questionnaire)
  • Descriptive analysis of the products sold: evolution and ranking to highlight the best-sellers
  • Comparison of key performance indicators between several groups of stores
  • Classification of customers into groups to create personas
  • Descriptive and statistical analysis of the turnover:
    • comparison and evolution of sales
    • identify the relationship between the life cycle of customers and the turnover
    • highlighting of factors linked to sales
  • Descriptive and statistical analysis of the closing of stores:
    • setting up a model to calculate the probability of closure of stores still open (to highlight those most at risk)
  • Various advice in statistics and data analysis


In addition to the results that were used to inform the decisions of the managers, the company is now putting data exploitation and analysis at the center of their reflections. This results in more relevant decisions and a better view of their business.